Compliance Workshop 1 – regulations and demands from clients and new documentation practices in e.g. Green Compliance

Compliance is about adhering to regulations and documentation. An area that could be considered a new megatrend important for those who want to acquire knowledge, share experiences and bring solutions to their business – including startups and scaleups. Participate in a series of workshops and witness how it will contribute to your company growth! You have probably noticed increasing demands in industries such as Life Science, Agricultural Science and Banking. Fact is that compliance is important in every business! There are different categories of compliance such as ‘Hard Law’, which is demanded by law, where ‘Soft Law’ is demands coming from customers, such as Green Compliance. For instance, big Danish organizations demand that suppliers document their green transportation profile when conducting business activities such as the transportation and goods, services and human capital.

New competitive advantage for your company

Participate in Workshop 1 and learn the definition of compliance and how good documentation practices can solve 80% of the task. Simple and effective. The effective workshop lasts an hour – and it will be very valuable for you, whether you participate physically or virtually.


What is compliance and why is it a new megatrend?


What can you profit from implementing a Green Compliance program e.g. green transport profile?

Getting started

How to start in a simple and cost-effective way? What are the existing digital solutions and “get it done” mentality?


Hear companies share insights on how implementing a compliance program has led to positive results


Debate, questions and answers from experts and participants

Meet our speakers

Kenn Milton CEO for MyBlueLabel Compliance Services

Shares his knowledge on compliance and process expertise gathered from his 18 years of experience within compliance

Tobias Brask Sales Director for MyBlueLabel

With experience both in large and entrepreneurial companies will kick-off the event by welcoming everyone

Kim Korff Operations Director for EMEA, FMC Corporation

Contributing with importantand clear messages

Join us for Compliance Workshop 1

You can participate free with the possibility to participate physically or virtually with great potential for networking. 25 available seats in the conference room, and 50 online participants to ensure optimal interaction. Sign up for free now! For any further information please reach out to Jacob Knudsen, CCO, +4529825730 –