4.1 In accordance with the Companys Privacy Policy the Company collects, processes and stores personal data which identifies specific persons (Personal Data) to the extent that the Customer enter Personal Data, send or by other means voluntarily supply the Company with Personal Data. Personal Data is processed in accordance with the applicable legislation. Notwithstanding, the foregoing the Company is not liable for personal data in documents which are the property of the Customer and uploaded in the website and application sustaining the Product.

4.2 Customer Personal Data that the Company collects in connection with creation of a User name, password address, e-mail, mobile phone number and other phone numbers, that Customer will be supplying to the Company. Personal Data will be logged until Customer is no longer a Customer of the Company or if requested to delete content upon notification. In any event documents which are property of the Customer and which the Customer is liable for processing of personal data shall be deleted following termination of the business relationship between the parties.

4.3 Customer can get access to the information the Company process about the Customer, and to get the information updated, corrected or deleted. All requests hereon shall be made in writing at e-mail to: GDPR@mybluelabel.com.

4.4 Provided that you choose to create a user on the Company website or purchasing a license to the Product the Customer grants the Company permission to collect and transmit information about you for the use of the third party subcontractor Sentia Danmark A/S. Furthermore, the Customer grants permission to the Company to transmit these data to Sentia Danmark A/S in order for the Company to fulfill the Customer relationship between the parties. Likewise the Company uses cloud solutions by Microsoft to sustain the platform of the Product and when the Customer uses the Product the Customer automatically agrees to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of Microsoft.

4.5 Besides the outlined in paragraph 5.4 the Company does not transmit Personal Data to any third parties, unless the Customer has specifically have granted permission for such transfer.

4.6 Only trusted personnel at the Company has access to the Customers Personal Data.

4.7 When the Customer is no longer a user of the Product or otherwise a Customer at the Company Personal Data belonging to the Customer will be deleted and the Company will give notice to third parties, to whom the Company has transmitted Personal data to, to delete such Personal data effectively.