Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Scope of the Product

    1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply for all trade between MyBlueLabel ApS, CVR 39 34 17 35, Bukkeballevej 7, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst, Denmark (hereinafter the Company), and business enterprises (hereinafter the Customer) and use of the application.

    1.2 These terms and conditions (The contract) applies to the use of the application and the services provided on the website.

    1.3 Any amendment(s) or additions to the Terms and Conditions shall be specifically agreed.

    1.4 Use of the website and application relating to MyBlueLabel (hereinafter the Product) is on the responsibility of the Customer. MyBlueLabel makes every possible effort to keep the Product updated, correct and impeccable, but undertake no guarantees for the use of the Customer, including but not limited to, the content in Customers documents, which are uploaded in the Product.

    1.5 The Company shall update and maintain the Product and ensure that the Product is available to the Customer and that the Customer can detract Customer data from the Product at all times.

  • 2. Term and grant of non-exclusive license

    2.1 The Company upon payment from the Customer grants to Customer a non-exclusive license to use the Product. The license is granted as long as payment is made for the consecutive periods granting the license whereafter the license shall automatically expire.

    2.2 The Customer is responsible for, that the use and access to the Product occur with the necessary computer equipment and software that support the use of the Product and the Company is not responsible for Customers computer equipments or softwares compatibility with the website and platform sustaining the Product, including potential ongoing changes and updates.

    2.3 Where the Product contains links to other websites, the Company is not responsible for the content for such third party websites.

    2.4 The Company is entitled to continuously change and update the website and application sustaining the Product without it resulting in changes in these Terms and Conditions.

  • 3. Orders and Deliveries

    3.1 When an order is placed by the Customer, the Company sends an order confirmation to the Customer. As a standard, all orders will be delivered to the Customer within four (4) weeks of reception of order confirmation.

  • 4. Protection of personal data

    4.1 In accordance with the Companys Privacy Policy the Company collects, processes and stores personal data which identifies specific persons (Personal Data) to the extent that the Customer enter Personal Data, send or by other means voluntarily supply the Company with Personal Data. Personal Data is processed in accordance with the applicable legislation. Notwithstanding, the foregoing the Company is not liable for personal data in documents which are the property of the Customer and uploaded in the website and application sustaining the Product.

    4.2 Customer Personal Data that the Company collects in connection with creation of a User name, password address, e-mail, mobile phone number and other phone numbers, that Customer will be supplying to the Company. Personal Data will be logged until Customer is no longer a Customer of the Company or if requested to delete content upon notification. In any event documents which are property of the Customer and which the Customer is liable for processing of personal data shall be deleted following termination of the business relationship between the parties.

    4.3 Customer can get access to the information the Company process about the Customer, and to get the information updated, corrected or deleted. All requests hereon shall be made in writing at e-mail to: GDPR@mybluelabel.com.

    4.4 Provided that you choose to create a user on the Company website or purchasing a license to the Product the Customer grants the Company permission to collect and transmit information about you for the use of the third party subcontractor Sentia Danmark A/S. Furthermore, the Customer grants permission to the Company to transmit these data to Sentia Danmark A/S in order for the Company to fulfill the Customer relationship between the parties. Likewise the Company uses cloud solutions by Microsoft to sustain the platform of the Product and when the Customer uses the Product the Customer automatically agrees to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of Microsoft.

    4.5 Besides the outlined in paragraph 5.4 the Company does not transmit Personal Data to any third parties, unless the Customer has specifically have granted permission for such transfer.

    4.6 Only trusted personnel at the Company has access to the Customers Personal Data.

    4.7 When the Customer is no longer a user of the Product or otherwise a Customer at the Company Personal Data belonging to the Customer will be deleted and the Company will give notice to third parties, to whom the Company has transmitted Personal data to, to delete such Personal data effectively.

  • 5. Intellectual Property?

    5.1 The Company provides the Product free from any third party rights and is the sole owner of the Products intellectual property rights. Use of cloud solutions such as provided by Microsoft Azure or other cloud solution suppliers is provided in accordance with license agreements or other agreements between the Company and that third party.

    5.2 These Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a grant to The Customer of any property rights or interest in any intellectual property rights belonging to the Company. All rights in relation to the Product and use hereof is the sole property of the Company, including but not limited to software, source codes, patents, software patents, utility models, designs, copyrights and trademarks belonging to the Company.

    5.3 The website sustaining the Product of the Company is protected in pursuance of The Danish Copyright Act and the Company has the complete copyright and property right to the website, user generated content, source codes, copies hereof, available documentary material, structure, metadata and other information that the website contains or otherwise sustain the Product.

    5.4 The Customer is unauthorized to remove, change or destroy any kind of information about copyright, patents, software patents, designs, utility models, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, which are placed on the Company website or is an integrated part of The Product.

    5.5 The Customer shall not be entitled to transfer license rights to third parties in relation to the Product, in any way whatsoever, even for a brief period of time.

    5.6 Customer is unauthorized to carry out reverse-engineering, decompilation and/or disassembling of the Product or in any other means attempt to examine or disclose the source code or the structure of the Product.

  • 6. Product Warranty

    6.1 The Company hereby warrants to supply the Product in a sound and merchantable condition free of defects.

    6.2 In case of defect(s), the Customer has the obligation to notify the Company thereof in writing immediately and no longer than fourteen (14) days after being exposed to the defect. As soon as possible and within a reasonable timeframe the Company will correct the defects of the Product. Should correction not be possible for the Company to perform the Customer shall be reimbursed of the price of the defect Product for the time when the defect occurred.

  • 7. Limitation of Liability

    7.1 The Customer agrees that the Company liability arising from any damages or compensation caused by failure to perform by the Company shall be limited to the price that the Customer has actually paid for the Product to the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company shall not be hold liable for any other damage, incl. but not limited to, loss of profit, incidental, indirect or special damages, fines imposed by governmental authorities and lawyers fee.

    7.2 The Company shall not be hold liable for gross negligence to perform by sub-contractors or third parties behaviour or any behaviour beyond the reasonable control of the Company.

    7.3 The Company shall in any event not be hold liable for damages, compensation or otherwise reimbursements for an amount, which exceeds the amount insured in its insurance policy.

  • 8. Force Majeure

    8.1 The Company shall not be liable for any failure or delay in carrying out its obligations to the extent that such failure or delay is the result of force majeure, including, without limitation, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, riot, restrictions imposed by any Governmental Authority, governmental orders, or any other event beyond the reasonable control of the Company.

  • 9. Choice of Law and Venue

    9.1 These Terms and Conditions are subject to Danish law.

    9.2 The legal venue shall be Danish Courts in Denmark, and subject to Danish procedural rules and Danish language.

  • 10. Contact Information

    You are welcome to contact the Company if you have questions to these Terms and Conditions by mail to: terms@mybluelabel.com.