Training Management

Training Management


MyBlueLabel Training Management provides training in regulative and/or other quality-controlled industry. Each user can be assigned to training on either company level, department level or project level. The training can consist of written documentation, video or audio and will be completed with a “Read & Understood” procedure. If many users share the same role, training can be given in a “Classroom”. All users must complete the training before the project activities can begin.

Module Highlights

Trained For Their Role

When entering a company or commencing a project it is beneficial for the company to ensure that the employees are trained for their role in the project and are at the same entry point when beginning the given activity. This module facilitates that all employees can be assigned to targeted training and that the employer can follow completion status.

Structured Process

The module provides a simple tool for HR to follow the level of acquired knowledge and skills in the different departments down to the single employee. This brings a structured training process to the entire company.

Employee's Benefit

Having the overview of the training accomplished by the single employee is good pratice and contributes to an optimized developmentplan for the individuals in the company.

The Training workflow within MyBlueLabel are as follows:
Create Training, Edit Training, Training in Review, Training In Review QA, Training In Approval,
and Training Completed.