Providing electronic testing capabilities

Share progress immediately with stakeholders.


Anatomy of a test

Reviews and Approvals can be done instantly and online. Test execution is done electronically, and test evidence is captured within the system. The testing activities are optimised, and test evidence is ensured by system linkage. System controls ensure compliance and contribute to an optimized review and approval of timelines. The Test Management workflow within MyBlueLabel are as follows: Author Test Specification, Edit Test Specification, Review Internal, Review Independent, Pre-Approval, and Test Specification ready for execution.

Data in one place

Having the test in an electronic format where all project members have access enables collection of data in one place. This will lead to optimization of the project flow as you reduce project members time of looking for data in multiple versions and locations.


Testing feasibility

The testing module guides you through the entire testing process with ease. The tester must fill in the actual result, a pass/failed status, the date of execution and initials to get the test registered. If an update is required, the submitted test steps can be annotated and resubmitted within minutes.


Virtual location

The testers and reviewers can sit across the world and work virtually together on a test as they have the option of electronic annotation and resubmitting. This will save an infinite amount of time during the testing period as there is no requirements to project members physical location.


Modules in MyBlueLabel QMS Software

MyBlueLabel has a suite of modules to support the full ecosystem of processes to comply with regulations and international standards. The modules are integrated or can work as standalone modules.