Project Management

Project Management


MyBlueLabel Project Management helps you organize and visualize your project portfolio based on predefined project plan templates.
Using templates and electronic timeline control automatically saves time and complies with project deadlines.

The project plans give every assigned member of the project team access to view the current project status and see the upcoming activities. The project plan is maintained by all assigned members and not only the Project Manager.

Module Highlights

Best Practice

Document templates enable best practice to be integrated and scaled throughout the company. By following this project flow, you can optimize any project in the organisation as all information and good practices are standardized and harmonized.

Quick Status Update

The module displays real-time project plans and task status with visible colored indicators. This gives you optimized time management as you can achieve a full overview and governance of the current project within seconds.


Every project tasks automatically link to the relevant document deliverables. This ensures clear expectations, transparency and traceability between project and documentation.

The Project Management workflow within MyBlueLabel are as follows:
New, Started, In Review, In Review QA (as applicable), In Approval, Completed.