Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management


MyBlueLabel Knowledge Management brings shared information and “lessons learned” into the organization with ease. Knowledge Management can facilitate obtained information across departments and employees and avoid the same issues causing challenges in comparable situations. Users can submit a ‘knowledge entry’ while other individuals can comment on the experience and come up with a solution.

Module Highlights

Harmonized Cooperation

Providing obtained knowledge from the employees in a structured format can facilitate harmonized cooperation in and between the individual departments.

Immediate Teamwork

The “comment feature” on the uploaded subject can bring an immediate cross-communication and sense of team-work, finding and working towards the solution together.

Reduce Challenges

There will always be challenges in a project. In a comparable situation, where other employees have shared their experience with a given issue you can avoid having the same challenges and perhaps find a solution even easier.

The Knowledge Management workflow within MyBlueLabel are as follows:
Create Knowledge Share Entry, Comment, and provide feedback on Knowledge Share.