Inventory Management

Inventory Management


MyBlueLabel Inventory Management provides you with an overview of the technical landscape for the entire company enabling reduction of duplication of systems and licenses, where it is possible.

At internal and external inspections, your company can be expected to list all of your systems and to document current compliance status for the systems utilized for compliant activities. Inventory Management will help you through inspections and audits as all your inventory is documented one place.

Module Highlights

No More Duplication

Having a complete overview of existing systems in the company will reduce the risk of duplicating systems and licenses.

Easy Documentation

The capability to list all of the company’s inventory including systems and compliance status will bring ease to internal and external inspections.

You will find a fully transparent solution in the Inventory Management linked with Projects, Incidents, Changes and Deviations for easy system (periodic) reporting.

Audit Made Easy

Facilitate a non-complicated audit as your company’s system overview is gathered in one place with the appropriate documentation.

The Inventory Management workflow within MyBlueLabel are as follows:
Inventory New, Inventory Started, and Inventory Completed.