Document Management

Document Management


MyBlueLabel Document Management gives you and your team the timesaving possibility to create, edit, sign and store all the project documents in one place (linked to your project activities). This enables that everyone works with the current document and has the updated information.

Version control can help you trace back to when, what and who has specified an item to be developed and implemented. Document Control contributes to optimized communication between the designated departments.

Module Highlights

Clear Overview

The entire project team and all stakeholders can get a full and detailed overview of existing documentation and needed expected actions on every project.

Optimized Processes

With the check in/check out feature you are always sure that you are working on the current document containing the latest updated information.

Time Saved

The electronic signature feature optimizes processes and reduces the waiting time of printing, scanning and signing paperbased documents.

The Document Management workflow within MyBlueLabel is flexible according to the type of document i.e.:
Author, Review, In Review QA, Approval.