Controlled version of documentation, code and configuration of the system

Being in control of the source code is of utmost importance because of its vulnerability to changes. This is especially important for a company that wants to be flexible and use external suppliers off-site.


Controlled Development, Testing & Production

The Configuration Management enables a controlled Development, Testing, and Production environment. It also ensures that a latest backup of the current code and configuration is always available. The Configuration Management workflow within MyBlueLabel are as follows: Configuration Item New, Configuration Item Draft, Configuration Item in Review, and Configuration Item Approved.

Check in / Check out

The Check In/Check Out feature ensures that you are always working on the latest and updated information. At the same time it is not possible for anyone to edit or delete information without the system capturing it.


Being in control

With the module, the system owner has the option of having the source code stored in a controlled and accessible environment. This ensures that work is not lost and can continue as planned with a minimum impact, in case of a developer is changing jobs or if accidents happen.


Ideal IT environment

The Configuration module enables a safe Development and Testing environment to secure no editing of the source code unintentionally.


Modules in MyBlueLabel QMS Software

MyBlueLabel has a suite of modules to support the full ecosystem of processes to comply with regulations and international standards. The modules are integrated or can work as standalone modules.