Complaint Management

Complaint Management


MyBlueLabel Complaint Management enables registration of customers complaints. In situations where external users file a complaint about the system, product or service, the complaint must be recorded and resolutions (CAPA) must be created and addressed.

Module Highlights

Quick Follow Up

This module gives you a detailed overview of all registered inquiries, which makes it manageable for you and your team to proceed with the case.

Customer Satisfactory

You can communicate back to your customer timely, because of the electronic overview of received complaints. At the same time, you will be able to implement corrections to systems or products, with the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction.

Completion And Closure

All the modules have the option of being interlinked. When the complaint has been registered the review of the case will take you through the Incident, Deviations and Change Requests Modules completing and closing the complaint.

The Complaint Management workflow within MyBlueLabel are as follows:
Complaint New, Complaint Started, and Complaint Completed.