Change Management

Change Management


MyBlueLabel Change Management gives you and your team the possibility to register all changes made during a project or to an operational system. Changes can come as new requirements, enhancements, bug fixes and can be traced to (Incidents), and Deviation (CAPA).

The Change Request also links to the impacted Documentation, Solution and Testing for full traceability.

Module Highlights

Root Cause Analysis

Change Request can have an impact on the orignially planned scope, time-line and budget. Therefore it is important that Change Request is approved by the correct stakeholders such as System Owner and Quality Management.

End-To-End Tracking

Change Requests can be linked to the other modules to ensure end-to-end traceability between Change Requests and other Critical-to-Quality activities.

Realistic Timeline

Having the constant update of Change Request will optimize the project flow as it provides a transparent, communicated and approved impact on orignial project scope. In addition it will give a realistic estimation of expected time of delivery of agreed deliverables and impact to project Go-Live.

The Change Management module workflow within MyBlueLabel are as follows:
Change Request Realization status New, Started, In Review, In Review QA, In Approval, Completed.