Adding new tech to green compliance will take it to the next level

Kenn Milton’s speech on the event “Digitalization and Green Compliance. Two Sustainable Growth Strategies for Many Companies”, in Søhuset on June 9th, 2021 One of MyBlueLabel Compliance Services’ missions is to introduce new tech into the compliance area. We have recently taken the initiative to develop solutions that make compliance with soft law easier, i.e. […]

Kenn Milton Jun 29, 2021
Jump on the Green wave of Compliance and Digitalization!

The article was written related to the Digitalization and Green Compliance Event at 11 am the 9th of June 2021 at Søhuset, DTU Science Park, Hørsholm.  We are becoming more data-driven – and it is great! We are becoming more data-driven – which is both a threat and an opportunity – why compliance is increasingly […]

Kenn Milton May 28, 2021
Templates create value in Life Science

When you take a look at DTU Science Park in both Hørsholm and Lyngby, the campuses are filled with Medtech, Pharma and Biotech startups and companies. At a closer look, you can also spot another type of companies that offer consultancy and IT services to these research-heavy engineering companies. MyBlueLabel Compliance Services is one of […]

Kenn Milton Apr 9, 2021
Risk management – so much more than just compliance

This post was written for Elemed’s Expert Corner – Europe’s leading MedTech technical recruiter. Their team recruits exceptional people that solve healthcare problems, so patients all over the world can have access to safe, innovative, and life-changing Medical Technology. You can read the post here.

Kenn Milton Feb 18, 2021