Modules Pricing Project System Training/Support
Can we have a customized module?

If your company needs Customized Add-on modules, we can develop them with you, as long as there is a synergy with your Quality Management processes.

Are there templates for each Module?

Each of MyBlueLabel’s modules work as a template to give you business advantage.
MyBlueLabel give you the possibility to work with MyBlueLabel’s predefined templates, your own templates or a combination.

MyBlueLabel document templates are a part of the Procedure that can be purchased for each Module.

The Project Management Module, comes with a set of templates for Computerized System Validation depending on your type of project.

Do we pay pr. project or pr. user ?

You will pay per device/product, thereby you can add as many users or projects you want to. You start by choosing your start-up package – Business Essential, Business or Business Premium (depending on how many different Modules your business needs).

Bare in mind, that additional cost will be added, depending on how much data you store in MyBlueLabel.

Is the price per month or yearly?

The stated prices are monthly

Is there a limit for number of roles in the project?

There are 7 dedicated roles in a Project. There can be 7 unique people assigned to the roles.
It does not mean that only 7 people can work on the project, or view the project, it means that 7 people (leads) can help maintain the project status in the solution.

Is there a limit for number of users/projects?

There is no limits of the number of users or projects in the system. The project activity is shared between unlimited team leads – 7 roles have been identified within the project team set up in MyBlueLabel system.

How much time does it take to add more users/projects?

If you use MyBlueLabel templates, it takes 15 seconds to create a new Project plan and assign up to 7 Users to the predefined roles within the Project Management.

Can it be linked to other systems we use currently?

Yes, MyBlueLabel is an integrated user experience and already has relevant data analysis and multi dashboards display.
Information from existing systems can be exported to achieve further data analysis.  If requested, APIs can be build – please contact MyBlueLabel for further information.

When updates are made to the program, how does it affect us?

We will make sure you get a release note by mail when an update has been thoroughly tested and go live. The update will not affect your existing work.

Will it affect any other systems on our pc’s?

There is no impact on any other systems on your PC’s.  The solution is cloud based, and you will access the application through the internet.

Is it possible to install ourselves?

This Cloud based solution is very easy to start, as you only have to log on to a browser, and use the received log in information from MyBlueLabel.

For hosting data in-house kindly contact MyBlueLabel.

How long time does the installation process take?

As the solution is Cloud based, there is no installation time. You log on your browser, and use the URL you will receive by mail from MyBlueLabel. Then you’re good-to-go.

There will be no further configuration work needed.

Can you be trained to be a superuser?

Training material is a part of every module, and will be provided with the solution.
How training is deployed in your company is up to you.

Does MyBlueLabel have a hotline, and what’s the response time?

MyBlueLabel offers you online support as well as our FAQ page.

Support packages can be implemented at an extra cost – please see pricing model and contact MyBlueLabel for further information.

You still have a question?

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!

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