A strong team that acts globally

Our dedicated team is based in Macedonia, Denmark and the US. In addition, we work with leading consultants and experts locally and globally.

Kenn Milton Founder & CEO

Jacob Knudsen Partner & CSO

Mite Stojanov Head of technology

Lasse Dahl Director of branding & marketing

Jacob Eric Nielsen Senior compliance director

Kristian Lund Director of sales

Nadia Hoffmann Head of people and culture

Jakob Rosholm Senior sales manager

Mads Klinke Sales researcher

Bina Martini Senior implementation specialist

Marcus Brandt Rasmussen Junior sales manager

Victor Leth Staalkjaer Sales manager

Mads Janner Implementation specialist/CSM manager

Ivan Trajkov Software engineer

Elena Trajkova Product designer (UX/UI)

Vase Stojanov Frontend developer

Ljubomir Ivanov Junior frontend developer

Meeting the needs of both bigger & smaller companies

The very foundations of MyBlueLabel were built on the principle to meet the needs of both bigger and smaller companies because they must fulfill the same QMS and EU MDR requirements – we treat every organization with respect regardless of size.


Enable efficient compliance for the benefit of individuals, companies and societies, setting new global standards


We revolutionize compliance services, enabling clients to develop and deliver innovative products and services


Sustainable, Harmonized, Agile, Reliable, Empowering, Direct value adding = SHARED

Board members

Peter Mørch Eriksen Chairman of the board

Thomas Magnussen Member of the board

Marie-Louise Little Member of the board

Advisory board

Susanne Tandrup Nielsen

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen